Google Friend Connect Facebook Connect Code Walk-through

Here is Python code for integrating Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect authentication to your site. I will be updating this post soon. For the meantime, check the source code.







My Startup Weekend Experience (Part 2)

Sunday AM and afternoon:

I was back to coding at the Microsoft office at around 10am. I looked at our domain and checked to see if it resolves to GAE. Nope, still parked at GoDaddy. I scoured the internets and it seems like most have difficulty getting domains resolve. I …

My Startup Weekend Experience (Part 1)

The past weekend was my first Startup Weekend.  I was somewhat skeptical if we could give build something good in a weekend. Nevertheless, I was still very excited.

My main goal was to deliver a working app by Sunday night. All the actions and decisions I made the whole weekend …

APIMuni on Google App Engine

For my first project on the Google App Engine, I decided to create an API for NextMuni.com data. Parts of the code was based on Mihasya's work on YourMuni, http://yourmuni.appspot.com. Beautiful Soup was used to get data from NextMuni and they are cached for 60 days …