Facebook Login: Lightweight Facebook Library for Android

Integrating Login With Facebook is a common feature in almost every app we develop at Green Halo Labs. More often than not, what we really need is just the Facebook user's Access Token.

The current Facebook Android SDK has 2,942 methods (181 of those from the Bolt framework). With the current Dex Limit issue most Android developers are having, saving a few thousand methods makes a difference.

My friend Eric Butler (@codebutler) suggested that I extract only the Login part from the Facebook SDK.

The result is this library which only has 250 methods. All it does is return the Access Token after the user authorizes the app. Like the official SDK, it launches the Facebook Android app if it is installed, Otherwise, it uses a Web View.

The library is available on Maven Central and the source code can be viewed at GitHub: https://github.com/greenhalolabs/facebooklogin.