Default values when creating new row in Django Admin

In one of the apps I'm developing at work, I wanted to make it easy for our content admins to create a new row in the Django Admin. Most of the time, they need to create a new row that is associated to their own user account. It would save them a couple of steps if the user field is set to a default value. Thanks to my coworker, Dave Ziegler,  for helping me  figure this out.

Extra tip:
use raw_id_fields in Django Admin. This is especially useful when you have plenty of users. What you'll see is the id of the user in the text field with a link to look up users next to it (instead of a dropdown containing usernames of all the users).
If you don't set the raw_id_fields, it would take a long time for Django Admin to load the 'Change ' page since all the users in your database needs to be loaded.