Future-Proof Emojis on Android

I have been working on a number of messaging apps the past few years. Apart from text and images, Emoji is a popular way for users to express themselves in these apps.

New Emojis are being …

Android: Making Espresso Tests Work With Runtime Permissions

The new Runtime Permissions introduced in Android Marshmallow is a great addition to the platform. However, if your app is targeting SDK version 23 and you have Espresso Tests, it could create some complications.

Likely, your current Espresso tests assume that all permissions have been granted at install time. This …

Espresso: Matching Views in RecyclerView

I have been diving into Espresso at my current job at Foursquare. Our team also recently started using RecyclerView instead of ListView.

RecyclerView support is still pretty limited on Espresso through RecyclerViewActions.

Through RecyclerViewActions, you can perform actions on an item by position. However, there’s nothing built-in to perform …

Facebook Login: Lightweight Facebook Library for Android

Integrating Login With Facebook is a common feature in almost every app we develop at Green Halo Labs. More often than not, what we really need is just the Facebook user's Access Token.

The current Facebook Android SDK has 2,942 methods (181 of those from the Bolt framework). With …

Why It's Time To Support Only Android 4.0 and Above

Part of developing on the Android platform is dealing with the dreaded “F” word which is FRAGMENTATION.

It’s what tech blogs mention when they write about Android. It’s the word that scares some developers away from the platform. It’s what Apple love to put in a pie …

FourSquare Hackathon Entry: Burp's Most Popular Places By Checkins

My co-founder Dan Kwon (@dankwonjr) & I built a small app for the FourSquare Hackathon a few weeks ago.

It ranks Popular Places for Barbecue, Fried Chicken, Wings and Burgers in different cities. Check it out!


Sign In With Google Get User Info from Google+ Profile

At the start, authentication options for our site Burp (http://goburp.com) include regular email/password & Facebook Connect. For quite a while, I've been wanting to integrate Google Accounts Authentication.

I've looked at django-socialauth (http://social.matiasaguirre.net/) but it uses OpenID. I prefer a pure OAuth2 implementation similar to …

Taskyo: Access Google Tasks on your mobile device

I'm a big user of Google Tasks. It's barebones but I like it mainly because of its integration with GMail & Google Calendar. However, Google doesn't have a mobile-friendly site to use Google Tasks.

Over the weekend, I built Taskyo (http://www.taskyo.com). It is not meant to replace the …

MapMyPhotos Now on Android Market

After a week of development, my new Android app, Map My Photos, is now available on the Android Market. It comes in a Lite version (Ad-supported and only 50 photos) and Paid version ($0.99; No ads and unlimited photos).

Map My Photos lets you browse your geo-tagged photos from …

Korean Food Guide on Android Market

Learn more about Korean Food with this Visual Food Guide of over 100 dishes. Easily browse dishes by category or find them by English or Korean Alphabet.

Developed by @dannyroa and @dankwonjr (http://blog.dankwonjr.com/).

[gallery link="file"]

Available on the Android Market:


or if you are browsing from …

Default values when creating new row in Django Admin

In one of the apps I'm developing at work, I wanted to make it easy for our content admins to create a new row in the Django Admin. Most of the time, they need to create a new row that is associated to their own user account. It would save …

Diving into Google Chrome Extensions Development

Last Friday, I  joined CodeFest2 which is part of the AddOn Conference.

I decided to create an extension that will display additional information when browsing a Craigslist Housing Ad. The additional information includes displaying the address on a Google Map and listing businesses (restaurants, bars, groceries, and gyms) nearby. You …

Google Friend Connect Facebook Connect Code Walk-through

Here is Python code for integrating Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect authentication to your site. I will be updating this post soon. For the meantime, check the source code.







My Startup Weekend Experience (Part 2)

Sunday AM and afternoon:

I was back to coding at the Microsoft office at around 10am. I looked at our domain and checked to see if it resolves to GAE. Nope, still parked at GoDaddy. I scoured the internets and it seems like most have difficulty getting domains resolve. I …

My Startup Weekend Experience (Part 1)

The past weekend was my first Startup Weekend.  I was somewhat skeptical if we could give build something good in a weekend. Nevertheless, I was still very excited.

My main goal was to deliver a working app by Sunday night. All the actions and decisions I made the whole weekend …

Site Authentication using Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect

For one of my side projects, I have started using Facebook Connect to authenticate my users. Facebook has done a great job of convincing developers to integrate it by providing excellent guides on how to use it (video, wiki). There are a number of sites that uses FBConnect for authentication …

APIMuni on Google App Engine

For my first project on the Google App Engine, I decided to create an API for NextMuni.com data. Parts of the code was based on Mihasya's work on YourMuni, http://yourmuni.appspot.com. Beautiful Soup was used to get data from NextMuni and they are cached for 60 days …