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I currently live in San Francisco Bay Area.

Cities I have lived in: Manila, Philippines, New York, Dallas, Washington DC, and San Diego.

Countries I have traveled to: Argentina, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico,  Thailand, Turks and Caicos, and Uruguay.

I'm a big fan of pop culture.

I'm a Python/Django and Android developer.

My Projects:

`USMNT360 <http://www.usmnt360.com>`__ - Schedules and Results for US Men's National Soccer Team. (Python/Django, AngularJS, Android)

`Korean Food Guide <http://www.dannyroa.com/korean-food-guide-on-android-market/>`__ - Helps people understand Korean language menus. (Android)

***UBelt.com*** - (Inactive) - established in 2001; covers collegiate sports in the Philippines. I decided to build it after moving to the US from the Philippines. I wanted to follow my favorite college team online. *(Python, Django, PostGreSql, JQuery)*

*`Page Stack <http://pagestackandroid.appspot.com/>`__ -* Push and Pop web pages between your desktop browser and Android phone. Built during the Google Campout Weekend with 2 other developers. *(Android, Java, Python, and Google App Engine)*

***SF Muni*** - Access Arrival Times of San Francisco Muni Buses and Trains. Pro version is also available. I use the bus a lot in San Francisco and there was no Muni on the Android Market. *(Android, Java, Python, and Google App Engine)*

***APIMuni*** - makes NextMuni.com data easily accessible to developers through an API. *(Python, Google App Engine)*