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  1. Espresso: Matching Views in RecyclerView

    I have been diving into Espresso at my current job at Foursquare. Our team also recently started using RecyclerView instead of ListView.

    RecyclerView support is still pretty limited on Espresso through RecyclerViewActions.

    Through RecyclerViewActions, you can perform actions on an item by position. However, there’s nothing built-in to perform ...

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  2. Why It's Time To Support Only Android 4.0 and Above

    Part of developing on the Android platform is dealing with the dreaded “F” word which is FRAGMENTATION.

    It’s what tech blogs mention when they write about Android. It’s the word that scares some developers away from the platform. It’s what Apple love to put in a pie ...

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  3. MapMyPhotos Now on Android Market

    After a week of development, my new Android app, Map My Photos, is now available on the Android Market. It comes in a Lite version (Ad-supported and only 50 photos) and Paid version ($0.99; No ads and unlimited photos).

    Map My Photos lets you browse your geo-tagged photos from ...

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  4. Diving into Google Chrome Extensions Development

    Last Friday, I  joined CodeFest2 which is part of the AddOn Conference.

    I decided to create an extension that will display additional information when browsing a Craigslist Housing Ad. The additional information includes displaying the address on a Google Map and listing businesses (restaurants, bars, groceries, and gyms) nearby. You ...

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